Last Blog Post

I believe I have covered a wide range of sports and I am more than proud of everything I have accomplished with my blog. To begin with I wasn’t a fan of the idea of a blog, but now it might be the only thing from this class I might actually miss. From the World […]

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Can the Cavs Go All the Way?

The Caveliers have proven themselves as a very good basketball team this year, but can they go all the way and win the series that truly counts? ┬áThe true key to the Cavs taking it all of the way is defense on the perimeter. The Golden State Warriors offense is centered around the perimeter shot. […]

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New Home for Lebron?

So could Lebron be tearing up records in a Miami heat jersey once again? Lebron told his city he was coming back to give them the finals victory they haven’t had in over 50 years, but does Lebron plan on staying in his hometown once he does win that prestigious trophy? Lebron has put himself […]

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An OKC Cleveland finals?

This years playoffs was a recipe for twists and turns, and began simply unpredictable. The latest of the twists and turns? The Warrior’s record setting season just might come to an end earlier than everybody may have thought. The Oklahoma City Thunder are ahead of the Warriors now 3-1 in the series and it’s not […]

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Cav’s Dominate Again

The Cav’s are out to prove to every team they meet this post season that they are playing for a championship. With another blow out win against the Toronto Raptors last night, Cleveland improves to 10-0 in the post season. Now not only is that impressive, but its historic. With a record of 10-0, Head […]

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